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Who is Peter Diem?

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Peter Diem, (1945) schildert als een tornado. Geboren in Duitsland en opgegroeid in Amsterdam. Hij studeert af aan het Grafisch Lyceum in Amsterdam-Zuid en verhuist in zijn twintiger jaren naar de Verenigde Staten waar hij zijn eigen lithografiebedrijf opricht. Daarnaast behoudt Peter sinds zijn jeugd zijn passie voor schilderkunst en deze komt volledig tot wasdom in de Verenigde Staten.

Peter laat zich inspireren door de COBRA groep met hun wilde vormen en expressief kleurgebruik en ontwikkelt door de jaren zijn eigen herkenbare stijl en signatuur. Na 25 jaar in de Verenigde Staten te hebben gewoond keert Diem terug naar Nederland om een galerie te openen op de Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. Van hier uit bouwt Diem verder aan zijn oeuvre als schilder en ontwikkelt zich door de jaren tot een herkenbaar icoon in de Nederlandse kunstwereld.

Met de opening van het AmsterDiem Museum geeft peter een plek aan zowel zijn eigen kunst als dat van vrienden en tijdgenoten. Verschillende exposities met onder andere Herman Brood en Theo Niermeijer en samenwerkingen met onder andere Greenpeace, Blokker en het Brandwondencentrum Beverwijk geven aan het werk van Diem een landelijke en zelfs internationale bekendheid en herkenbaarheid.

Peter is op 69 jarige leeftijd nog even levenslustig als altijd en zit vol met prachtige verhalen over kunst, zijn reizen, zijn vrienden en het leven. Hij heeft vrienden en fans over de hele wereld en onderhoudt contacten met notabelen in binnen en buitenland.


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What makes a Diem?

Diem is most notable for his paintings. His vibrant use of colors and applied techniques of painting are a recipe to make work that can barely be bound by the canvas. Even though his style differs between series and paintings you will be hard pressed to find a Diem that is not colorful or powerful and does not give you a little smile in your heart.

Strong use of color

Diem has perfected a style of painting which brings forth amazing contrasts and wild use of colors. A Diem painting can captivate an audience and dominate a room merely by its appearance.

Bee bird

Powerful images

The images of Diem’s painting are a powerful representation of the topic it depicts. Subjects are abstracted to a degree that the essence of their being is portrayed rather than the picture itself. Whether a self-portrait or a homage to his favorite car; Diem makes sure his pictures are a powerful statement to be made.


Succulent use of paint

When Diem paints the paint has to get on the canvas by any means. Brushes, spunges, syringes, with his hands or straight from the bottle; as long as it gets on there. Peter paints with acrylic as well as oil based and is known to experiment with different media throughout his career.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 14.58.24

Room for detail

Even though Diem’s style of painting might come off as crude on first, the critics and collectors agree that there is an amazing amount of detail and craftsmanship to be found in the works of Diem.


Louis Armstrong


A beautiful autograph

Diem’s are signed with Peter Diem’s recognizable signature. Canvasses that are not autographed on the front side are signed at the back and official works will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.



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The cows are Diem’s most notable work. Gaining recognition in the United States the cow series remains sought after to this day. With countless varieties and numerous paintings sold the Cow Series has found its way to the heart of many fans and collectors.

Heavenly Love

Heavenly love is Diem’s exploration of themes like love, sex and pleasure. The series consist of different sub series, each with a different character and feel.

Alien Fashionshow

What would an Alien Fashionshow look like? Peter Diem endlessly explores this question with the Alien Fashionshow series. With each new canvas Diem opens up a whole new world of possibilities.


Peter Diem is a collector of Napoleonic Art and through the years built an impressive collection of artifacts regarding Napoleon Bonaparte and his reign. He also painted a diverse body of work with Napoleon as inspiration.


The Porsche Series is a fairly recent development in the career of Diem. These large paintings are full of speed and flashy cars and appease to owners and aspirers alike. Diem started this series in collaboration with Porsche and iterates on his own interest.

Diem meets Hemmingway

Diem acquired the negatives of more than 100 photo’s made by notable American photographer Jason Pierce depicting a young Ernest Hemmingway fishing in the Florida Keys. These photo’s form the basis of the Diem meets Hemmingway Series. The negatives where unfortunately stolen from Diem but the series still lives on in iterations of the work.


The Mali paintings are inspired by Diem’s time in Mali where he lived in a clay hut amongst the local populace. The series is inspired by local art, customs and stories and cover a wide range of topics


The Universe series consists of a collection of work in which Diem explores the intimate shapes and intricacies of the universe. These vibrant and colorful works, usually on large canvasses take you along on a journey in the mind of Diem.

Diem hosts The Concertgebouw Orchestra

The Concertgebouw Orchestra series started as a collaboration between Diem and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. It inspired him to paint live playing musicians in his own recognizable style. The result is a magical representation of the musical arts through paint in a way only Diem could.


The animals of Peter Diem are a series of paintings consisting of animals like dogs, cats, horses and of course the cows. These animals are painted in a friendly manner and the paintings are bound to be loved the same way as the animals they depict.

Love Birds (your birds)

The love birds are a group of frivolous birds that are painted to brighten your day. These happy birds are rarely found alone but usually come in pairs or three’s. They are painted in light colors that reminisce of the tropical islands they were inspired by.

New Works

These paintings are new work and do not belong to a series just yet. Notable works are ‘how deep is the ocean’, The Frog and varying study works. These paintings are one of a kind and most of them have not been made available to the general public.

Big Works

The big works consist of a collection of big works of different series. The big works are works sized 3 square meter and up and are destined for those with special needs. These bigger than life works transform public spaces into art galleries instantly and will give a unique ambiance to a room or space.


The museum collection is the former collection of the AmsterDiem Museum. It consists of the most notable works of Peter Diem and is endowed to the Peter Diem Foundation. After the closing of the AmsterDiem Museum in 2014 the collection has become available for purchase.


Other works

Silk Screens

Diem Gallery offers a number of series on a silkscreen format. The silkscreens are made on high quality paper and depending on the series they are numbered in a limited series. There are silk screens available from the following series.
Cows, Hemmingway, Mali, lovebirds

Canvas prints

The canvas print collection offers a high quality reprint of some of the most notable works of Diem. They are the price friendly alternative to buying an original painting and offer the same energetic and colorful images the original paintings of Diem offer. Canvas prints are available in the following series:
Porsche, Lovebird, Heavenly love


Throughout the years a number of small statues have emerged from the Diem Atelier. Besides the Theo Niermeijer collection the Diem Gallery also offers painted statues of Porsches and Cows.

Workshops / Charity

Throughout his years Peter has always hosted workshops and worked on charity events. Even though his ages prevents him from participating in all the offers he gets he still will offer what he can. Peter has a warm heart to offer to the less fortunate, the ill and the disabled, nature and the arts itself.


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Easy email and contact

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