Peter Diem offers a wide collection of art, including paintings, graphics and visual art.

The works are authentic and the prices are varying, allowing anyone to purchase a beautiful piece of art to complete his or her interior.

Dutch artist Peter Diem (1945), paints like a tornado, he lives his art. Powerful paintings are representative exponents of his turbulent lifestyle.

Bold, intrepid colors, thick succulent paint, and daring sensual lines are the hallmark of his paintings. They reflect his lust for life, his sense of humor, and his distinct individuality.

Please visit Diem Gallery at:

Prinsengracht 821
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We are open daily from 13.00 hours – 18.00 hours

Peter Diem shows me around an impressive complex of buildings, renovated in Art- Nouveau style, located on the Prinsengracht. Within it, Diem has his home, a gallery, exhibition space and the Amsterdiem Museum.